Tuesday, July 16, 2024

About us

The Cross Border Network (CBN) is an organization formed by journalists from Uganda and South Sudan with the objective of promoting professional collaborations between journalists from the two countries; sharing of media content on cross- border between the two countries with a particular focus on refugees, host communities in Uganda and internally displaced persons in South Sudan.  The network was formed on 23, June 2017 during a DW Akademie supported meeting of 19 journalists from Uganda and South Sudan in the Uganda district of Wakiso. Membership of CBN includes journalists and radio stations from Uganda and South Sudan.

Our Objectives

  • Sharing of cross- border content on refugees, internally displaced persons, host communities, humanitarian agencies and other parties for use on different media platforms in Ugandan and South Sudan.
  • Promote collaboration to build capacity of journalists and media houses in the network to report cross border issues in a conflict sensitive manner.
  • Empower refugees, host communities and other stakeholders with access to timely, relevant and accurate information on cross border issues.
  • Provide a platform for refugees, IDPs, host communities and other stakeholders to receive information and engage in discussion on cross border issues.
  • Build networks with like-minded media organisations involved in media development work and defence of press freedoms.