One man’s story: The beauty of South Sudan

Martin Marumbu refilling his water tank. He sells it in South Sudan’s Torit. He has got many loyal customers - and has a steady income from the sale – money he sends to support his children’s education back to Kenya. Picture by Majur Chol Khor | 01 Feb 2020

The highly divisive disagreements amongst South Sudan political elites led to a bloody civil war, which has torn the country apart. Some tribes, communities and individuals alike are bitter against each other. Many have died a result of revenge aggressions. But one Kenyan, Martin Marumbu, saw opportunity of making money amid the country’s chaos, and he is grateful. In #AcrossSouthSudan Majur Chol Khor spoke with him about his inspirations that keep him working even through life-threatening times, take a listen.