South Sudan impose yet another lockdown, effect it till mid January 2022.

By Sebit Patrick

With the emergence of the new variants (delta and Omicron) and the recent increase in the number of positive cases in the country, coupled with the announcement of the forth wave by World Health Organization (WHO) the national taskforce on coronavirus pandemic is hereby issuing the public order No. 16/2021 Dated 21st December 2021, to effect the partial lockdown measures which will remain in force until 10th January 2022

It is yet another sad day for South Sudan to have learnt of the vigorous spread of the third and fourth wave of the covid19 virus.

The world health Organization report that the third and fourth wave of the covid19 variant known as Delta and Omicron is deadlier than ever. South Sudan has in the recent past been recording increase in the member’s positive cases. This however sent anxiety in the faces of citizens and the Taskforce on covid19 pandemic.

South Sudan vice president for service cluster H.E Hussein Abdelbagi Akol is the chairperson of the national Taskforce on covid19 pandemic in the county. He is compelled to issue a public order to effect partial lockdown measure which he believes will reduce the vigorous spread of the variant once solitarily upheld. The order put to a standstill the culture of mass reception and burials of dead bodies across the county.

Warning the public to stoop receiving dead bodies in numbers at the airport receptions and burials. This should only be attended by not more than 20 immediate relatives” The letter reads

All social gathering including places of workshop, entertainments, transport sector are equally directed to reinforce covid19 measure during the 20days of partial lockdown.

All places of worship, social gatherings, entertainment premises, public and private transports, hotels, restaurants, tea places and markets are directed to reinforce their respective guidelines on covid19 prevention measures.

On the other hand, the order also directed Juba city council alongside other municipal council to ensure compliance with environmental cleaning and improve on hygiene and sanitation.

Directing Juba city council and other town municipal councils to ensure that traders, hotels, customers and the general public comply with the environmental cleaning, hygiene and sanitation, Covid19 guidelines and Lockdown measures

The order on partial lockdown comes into effect from the 21stday of December through 10thJanuary 2021.