Stereotyping blamed for South Sudan’s underdevelopment

Women and girls pose for a photo, during a campaign against gender based violence (GBV,) in South Sudan’s town of Rumbek. Usually women are victims of the circumstance. Picture by William Mabor | 06 Sep 2019

In South Sudan the roles of both males and females had clearly been defined time immemorial. But one local community organization has started awareness to change this. Activists engaged with the youth group known as Nonviolent Peace Force Youth Protection know the work of changing societal practices that only maintain females passive, will not be easy. They argue stereotyping has done a great deal, too, in underdevelopment at all levels, including family, community, and national ranks, something they say “must” change. William Mabor is in South Sudan’s Lakes State, mostly inhabited by pastoralists, and now reports.