Ebola crisis looming

Health personnel disinfect Koboko Quarantine Centre. The center admits COVID-19 patients only. Picture by Adidi Rashul | 24 may 2020

Uganda’s districts that border DR Congo are at the verge of seeing Ebola outbreak. World Health Organisation officials say officials say as the region, West Nile, struggles to prevent the spread of COVID–19, other efforts should be directed towards preventing potential Ebola outbreak. Border districts of Koboko, Arua, Zombo and Maracha are highly exposed to the danger of the deadly disease. The concerns follow reports of fresh outbreak of Ebola in DR Congo’s capital, Kinshasa. At least seven cases have reportedly been confirmed, in DR Congo. The WHO Field Coordinator for Uganda’s West Nile region, Dr. Hetor Tibeihaho, says as the districts put their efforts in fighting against the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, they should also get prepared to face Ebola disease. Dr. Hetor explains: