IDPs in Ezo seek support as Inter-tribal fight in Tombura intensifies.

IDPs who flee inter tribal fight between the Balanda and Azande in Tombura County during their arrival in search of asylum in Ezo County. Picture by EMmanuel Joseph, June 2021

By, Emmanuel Joseph, Anisa Radio

Thousands of Internally Displaced Persons are seeking asylum in Ezo county following inter-tribal fight between the ethnic Balanda and Azande in Tombura County. It is alleged that the two communities have been in brawl for over a year now.

Hon. Abel Sudan, the commissioner of Ezo County confirmed he has received more than two hundred household from the office of the RCC in the county. He sheltered the IDPs in a transit. He called for quick humanitarian assistance from the partners and well-wishers.

After the commissioner called for quick humanitarian assistance from the partners and well-wishers, the people of Ezo County contributed food items to start live for the asylum seekers, this was appreciated by the commissioner as well as the IDPs.

“We are in desperate condition; we have spent more than two days footing from Tambura to Ezo County. We are in dire need of food, clothes, shelter, and medical care as we left all our belongings behind. We appreciate both the authorities and people of Ezo County for giving a place to stay” said one of the IDPs.” Says Ms. Ann Michael, one of the IDPs

The RCC coordinator of Ezo county Mr. Siani Martin earlier confirmed that his office in Yambio is working out the process to provide food for the IDPs.

The IDPs finally appealed to government to intervene into the situation to give them a chance to do their normal duties in their respective places.