Internally Displaced Persons lack essential support, amid increasingly difficult condition.

A street of Elegu town - one of the major entry points, for fleeing-South Sudanese people, into Uganda. Picture by Sebit Patrick | 28 April 2018

South Sudan’s Yambio County hosts over seven thousand citizens who were forced out of their homes by the recent violent conflict. They took refugee at Riimenze – a Catholic Church compound. They do not know when they will return to their homes, amid security uncertainties.

But, their problems keep piling up – which is troubling them. The longer they stay, the deeper their plight becomes. They have reached a point where resources, available, are not enough to go-round.

Anisa’s FM Radio, Oliver Charles, visited Riimenze camp of Internally Displaced People, in Yambio County of Gbudue state, and filed this report: