Bishop calls on citizens to stick to covid-19 directives

Bishop Erkolano Ladu Tombe during homily in Yei, Picture by Hassan Arun Cosmas, 27th August 2021

By: Hassan Arun Cosmas, Radio Easter.

YEI: Five months since the partial ease of Covid19 lockdown in South Sudan following its resurgence, businesses and other social centers became accessible. Schools, Hospitals and Worship places have all resumed operating normally.

Other basic regulations that remained in place include keeping social distance, constant wearing of face masks and frequent use of hand sanitizers.

Unfortunately due to reluctance in monitoring the guidelines, lives for citizens in South Sudan seem to have restored to normal. Citizens hardly observe social distance, neither wear facemasks and ignores the frequent use of hand sanitizers.

In churches and schools especially defying these rules poses fear of vigorous spread of the virus among worshippers and learners.

After carefully monitoring his worshippers’ effort to contain the virus, the Catholic Bishop of Yei Diocese became concerned and is appealing to the citizens of Yei River County to continue observing the covid-19 guidelines directed by the ministry of health.

Erkolano Lodu Tombe encourages the population to wear face masks whenever they are in public places, wash hands regularly and keep social distance to avoid exposure to the disease.