Refugees, nationals to receive uplift

This is a street in Bidi Bidi refugee camp. These shops are built out of sticks and tarpaulins, selling basic domestic supplies to both refugees and members of host communities. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 23 Feb 2019

In an effort to improve the well being of both refugees and host communities; living in Uganda’s West Nile region particularly in Koboko district, (Uganda) government partners have injected funds into projects that encourage resilience between the two groups. Both refugees, mainly from South Sudan, and host communities live side-by-side sharing same amenities. This sense of neighbourly togetherness between the two communities offers solid ground for possible uplift of the region as a whole, according to Danish government. Representatives of various governments as well as NGOs implementing refugees-related activities, in Uganda, are working towards strengthening such coexistence through improving livelihoods of individuals and families from the two communities.

By Adid Rashul, Spirit FM