Torit state is in the fight to end illegal timber business. They want tax.

Submerged area of Elegu; a porous South Sudan-Uganda border point. Picture by Ojok Michael | 27 April 2018

Increasing illegal cutting down of trees, in Lela Bul forest, has sent Torit state in a fight against the culprits. Authorities say they will not give up, until everyone involved is cleared. They warn those without up-to-date documents, of timber business, to refrain. Or else they will not like the consequences of their actions.

The forest, part of which extends into Uganda, is found in Owiny-Ki-Bul Boma of Magwi County. South Sudan’s Torit state authorities met last week to evaluate their progress towards their campaign against what they believe is a cross-border criminal syndicate. Our member, Voice of Freedom, in Magwi County, compiled this: