Will Peace Building trainings improve youths’ effort towards downplaying violent taunts?

South Sudanese Journalist for a discussion during a Conflict Sensitive Journalism training aimed at equipping them with skills to aid their profession in working for peace and transformation. Picture by Sebit Patrick, 06th December 2020

Radio Bakhita

South Sudanese citizens still look up to their leaders as they seek lasting solution to the political and economic unrest in the country. All hopes are fixed on the signed revitalized peace agreement as one way that deplorably beckons the country’s long awaited peace. As youth women and children seek space for their inputs and contribution, some civil organizations took to boost their immune through extensive trainings.

The African Youth and Children Network for Human Rights or AYCN with support from the ARIGATUO International All for children has organized a two-day training to equip the youth from the virtual suburbs of Juba with skills desirable for their participation.

Emmanuel Zangazee Zachariah, The Executive Director of African Youth and Children Network for Human Rights, says the training aims to build a peaceful society for a better future. He adds that the training is to influence young people to start cultivating the spirit of peace and harmony that might avert youths from being used as instruments for wagging violence.

Meanwhile the Advocate for the Organization for Non-violence or ONAD, Paul Genaro says, the workshop seeks to educate young people about human rights and gender-based violence.

South Sudan’s civil unrest that left about One and half a million exiled is mostly deemed as ethnic unrest that inarguably engage youth and young people to take up arms in the fight leading to widespread violence and desolation. Trainings as these helps young people identify their roles and works towards lasting peace.