A scuffle results into gunshot wounds

A misunderstanding between a Ugandan police officer and South Sudanese male refugee identified as Abubaker ended with serious injuries. Abubaker allegedly grabbed a gun from a low-ranking police officer, and fired several rounds of ammunition when a group of officers tried to disarm him. In the fracas two people were hit, including Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ian Natukunda, and unidentified male South Sudanese refugee. The incident took place one week ago.

According to police reports, Ian was shot in the chest and shoulder. He was airlifted to Uganda’s capital, Kampala, seeking intensive medical attention. The officer serves in the country’s Northern district of Obongi, and was on duty at the time of the incident.

The other victim, reportedly hit in the leg, is a resident of nearby Palorinya refugee settlement of South Sudanese people. His is receiving treatment at the district regional hospital.

Kennedy Inyakuni spoke with one police officer about the incident. Take a listen;