VP Nyandeng reawaken women’s vision for Transformational leadership

By Majur Chol Khor
The International Conference on Women’s Transformational Leadership held in South Sudan’s Capital Juba brought together about 430 women representatives from all the ten states including 3 administrative areas. It was also attended by women from nearly 15 African countries.
The three days event ended with numerous resolutions and mixed feelings. Women share their testimonies with lots expectations on how the resolutions will be implemented.
The Vice President and Chair of the Gender and Youth cluster Hon. Rebecca Nyandeng De-Mabior said whoever is against women is against creation
“Transformation starts from us as a human being, it is God’s making to create you as who you are and what God has created in his image must be respected” Nyandeng laments
She said that the women of South Sudan have been part and partial of the history of South Sudan during and after the liberation struggled.
“This conference has shown you (women) the bigger picture and if we were lost then we are now found”. Nyandeng Stated.
She encourages all the participants to implement the conference’s resolutions in body and spirit. She also challenged them against ignoring the resolutions.
“We are blaming men but 60% of our failure is our making, so let’s stop backbiting ourselves,” Said Nyandeng.
Meanwhile the National Minister of Gender Child and Social Welfare Hon. Ayaa Warile appreciates her fellow women for massively turning-out to make conference a success for the first time in the history of the country.
“Many women sacrifice their resources and family time to making sure that this space is achieve, we are very excited for the lists of recommendations reach in this conference and we are waiting to receive them from the secretariates for further action,” Said Warile.
In his closing address, the First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny described the conference as one of great meaning in putting South Sudan into the world map.
“Women of South Sudan had been undergoing a lot of hardship but despite your strength you might have been marginalized because there is different between setup from the rural and urban area, the marginalization of women came because the literacy rate of women in the country is very low but can we change,” Machar lamented.
“It’s always the conflict that causes the marginalization, now we are in peace, we need to step-up and change the narrative,” he stated.
Dr. Machar encourages all the women of South Sudan to take-up an advocacy role on the important of girl child education.
“The peace agreement singled out two group’s youth and women unions as non-political that can be supported by the government, so I wanted you think about that,” Machar advised