New technology improves research methodology among refugee students

An icon of the Kolibri software designed to aid learners’ research. Picture source, Internet

Following the recent unrest in Africa’s youngest nation (South Sudan), a good number of young people pursuing their studies in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia among others have always grappled with trauma after the combat that claimed relatives and displaced families into different settlements.

Such students find it too hard to cope with the present situation in a competitive field of learning.

However, in Pagirinya settlement of the South Sudanese refugees located in Adjumani district, education has been made easy by use of Kolibri plat form introduced by Bosco Uganda.

Kolibri, a free and open source education technology platform allows in and out of school pupils and students to learn at their own pace, while providing teachers or mentors with educational resources.

Our reporter Gloria Lalam has more to tell us in this story. Take a listen