From home to exile: Uprooted Kajo-keji Health Training Institute moves to serving refugees

This is a primary school in Uganda’s largest refugee settlement, Bidibidi. Authorities want advanced education established here, too. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 09 Dec 2020

By Hafiz Bakhit, Arua One Fm

Often when we hear about displacement and relocation due to war, our minds switch to humans. But did you know that institutions were completely uprooted from South Sudan due to the country’s recent war? Such institutes are both government–aided as well as those in private sector.

Kajo-keji Health Training Institute is one of them. However, the dream to serve citizens for this institution didn’t fade out in the face of the violent conflict. Kajo-Keji Health Training Institute has been reported operational for the past 5years in the district where most South Sudanese sought refuge. Hafiz Bakhit Visits this institute and has more to tell us in this story. let’s listen.