A blossoming women’s day for female inmates in Yei

Women representatives display the banner inscripted with the WOmen's day theme of the year. Picture by Esther Tabu Natalino, 08th March 2021

By Mambo Paul Loboka, Easter Radio Yei

8th March marks International Women’s day. A day dedicated to celebrate and commemorate the efforts and achievement of women. It is also a day designed to DE campaign gender inequalities practiced in the different sectors across continents. This year’s theme of the women’s day is “Women Stand for Peace and Security Challenge Conflict and violence for Equality”

In Yei County, None governmental organizations combines together to commemorate the day by distribution of food and none food items to inmates at Yei prison

Ms. Wamsila Lingala is the team leader for the day argues that the day is best marked by the distribution as concealment since there is no social gathering as usual over Covid-19.

Road drives among other activities were also tunneled to sensitize on women’s rights and responsibilities. Food, soap and sanitary pads were also donated to the maternity ward at Yei civil hospital as an act of charity.

The team leader calls on the people of Yei to work together to improve women representation in different levels of the societies. She believes that an empowered woman contributes to an empowered community and raise empowered children.

The activities by the women in commemoration of their ‘once in a year day’ was lauded by heirs in the various departments they visited citing their devotion to a changes world perception of women participation.

Mrs. Charity Dudu Justine, in charge of prison inmates affairs appreciates the efforts of none governmental organizations for supporting the female inmates in the prison. She believes if NGOs collaborate with the government and love one another it will speed up the development of the nation.

 “I’m happy because women face a lot of challenges” Dudu says, “Some female inmates have no care takers to provide for their basic needs, But today I’m humbled because Women of Virtue came to support their fellow women. As the administration, were thankful for this support. Let us work together as NGOs and Government for the development of this nation” she adds