Boda-boda operators in Juba complain it is difficult to stay in business

Majority of dwellers in East Africa’s cities and towns usually take motorcycle taxis, commonly known as boda-boda to get around easily and quickly. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 29 Mar 2021

Boda boda riders in Juba are accusing their own governing body, Boda boda Association, of scheming with South Sudan Police and the Juba City Council to arrest, charge and forcefully make them pay for membership Identification Cards. The Chairperson of Boda Boda Association, Abraham Jok, insists it’s compulsory for commercial cyclists to pay monthly subscriptions to the association. The riders say they hardly benefit from the association even when they get in trouble or face any form of difficulties. Our reporter David Mono Danga filed this story from South Sudan’s capital, Juba.