Innovation for social cohesion

These Businesswomen, on the truck, are coming from a market to sell their merchandise. The women hire trucks like this one to ferry them to various markets around Northern Uganda during different market days. In some instances the women are made up of individuals from two communities of locals and South Sudanese. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 12 May 2019

Both locals and South Sudanese refugees, living in Northern Uganda are free to sign-up to ‘innovation centres’, where interested individuals from the two communities come to express themselves through creativity. Refugee Law Project (RLP,) an organisation that promotes human rights of average persons, have installed and established well-equipped centres in the various districts of Uganda. RLP say youth from the two populations that live side by side will be able to express their thoughts, socialise and experience exciting moments together; something they believe will strengthen the social fabrics between the (two) populations. More in the report, with Jimmy Komakech.