Donor-fund-dry out

This mosque is in one of the outskirts of Koboko town. Muslims from both refugees and their hosts pray here. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 05 Feb 2019

Refugee-hosting districts of Northern Uganda complain service delivery is deteriorating due to donor-fund-dry out. Part of their finances comes from refugee-program-implementing organizations, through ReHoPE (Refugee and Host Population Empowerment) strategy where partners support government-owned development plans, especially those that seek to benefit both refugees and the communities. This means both humanitarian and development interventions should seek to realize well-being of the two communities. The districts’ authorities say they have series of outstanding activities, due to lack of funds. But the OPM, a public department dealing with the matters of refugees, says there are other avenues such districts could set out to explore. Adidi Rashul has more.