HIV/AIDS is “killing life in Palabek” refugee settlement of South Sudanese people.

A woman smiles for a photo. She and others wait for their food-rations, at a church-house, in Rhino settlement of South Sudanese refugees. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 12 Jul 2018

Officials in Uganda’s refugee-hosting-Lamwo district suspect HIV/AIDS prevalence amongst South Sudanese refugees is on the rise. The situation is worrying, they say. Phrase such as “killing life in Palabek”, coined recently to refer to the pervasiveness of the scourge of the disease is the buzz of town. Established last year, Palabek is the newest refugee settlement in the district, where over 35,000 refugees live. These refugees made horrendous journeys to get here. Robert Ojok is in the settlement, and brings us officials’ sympathies concerning the refugee population.