Hopefully there is no postponement of the forming of a unity government: official

A highway through Gudele, a town surburb of Juba. Electricity as well as other amenities that were destroyed during South Sudan conlfcit are gradually being restored in the capital. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 22 Nov 2019

As South Sudan approaches the end of yet 100 days of postponement of forming of a unity government, optimism is building among politicians. The Deputy Governor of South Sudan’s Wau, Zachariah Joseph Garang, believes this time there will be no more extensions as has been in the past. He mobilised the public in Wau town, during the New year’s celebrations, literally showing them a hopeful sign of a possible unity government. In #AcrossSouthSudan, we bring you the governor explaining – why he wishes the world to derive great comfort from this assurance. Take a listen;

By Cecilia John, CRN