Drugs worth 63 million shillings impounded in refugee camp. Unlicensed clinics and non qualified health providers are behind it.

Some of the drugs impounded in refugee settlements. Picture by Edna Piyic. 04 October 2019.

As Uganda tops world record as refugees hosting country, the refugee Population and asylum seekers in need of Health services in various settlements in the West Nile region have become soft targets to Quack Health workers.

As a result, Unlicensed, private Clinics and Drug shops set up by Deceitful Business minded are spreading across the Settlements. Many of the people operating the clinics are quacks putting lives of refugees in danger.

As a result, the National Drug Authority, a body that Licenses and Monitors Setups of Drug shops and Clinics in Uganda recently carried out an operation and impounded drugs worth 63 million Uganda shillings from some of the illegal drug selling points.

Edna Piyic has more to tell us in this story. Please listen