Notions surrounding refugees and asylum seekers, in Uganda

Refugee children play dodge ball in Invepi refugee settlement of South Sudanese. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 23 Feb 2019

International Organization for Migration (IOM) as well as UNHCR estimate 70.8 million people have been forcibly displaced due to conflicts, persecution or natural disasters. There is 25.9 million refugees globally. Further, estimates indicate 84 per cent of the total global refugees are hosted by developing countries. However, once they are settling in and start building a new life, many (refugees and asylum seekers) face daily racism, xenophobia and discrimination, according to Amnesty International.

Majority of  Uganda’s refugees are from South Sudan. Many live freely due to the country’s refugee polices, a seemingly adorable thing. But the country’s natives have created a few notions surrounding South Sudanese. Our reporter, Ivan Tolit, has the story.