Refugee children turn condoms into play-ball making material, Safety is at risk

Refugee children playing a fibre ball made with an inflated condom. Picture by Angupale Geoffrey, 24th July 2020

By: Angupale Geoffrey, Arua One fm

They are originally designed and made for use as a barrier during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection.

However, some inventive refugee children have turned Condoms into play balls, an act that has puzzled the Community in Imvepi refugee settlement of the South Sudanese in west Nile region of northern Uganda.

There are fears that the disposable medical gloves and condoms the children use for making play balls can expose them to serious health hazards especially sexual transmitted Diseases. They are normally found in hospitals and clinics with poor disposal services.

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Besides the provision of play materials for refugee children, hospitals and other health facilities will have to improve disposal services to impede access for children to such dangers while revising the distribution mechanism for condoms meant for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

In an effort to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, the Government of Uganda enabled free distribution of condoms from hospitals, other health facilities and even guess inns for adults. This provides unconditional access to the protective materials for young children due to unsafe disposal.