Social Media blamed for escalating tension, Refugee youths trained to resist the abuse.

The official logo of facebook, one of the most common platform with upto 2.5 Billion users world wide. picture courtesy,

The social media platforms dubbed Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp among many others is a source of communication connecting a group of users from virtual parts of the globe. Unlike the previous years, currently the social media is used to propagate and disseminate unverified and insightful information.

The stories of Rwanda genocides and that of South Sudan’s conflict have partly been blamed to social media propaganda and hate speeches.

However, an awareness that aims to help the young refugee youths deal with such information on the social media was organized by community empowerment for creative innovation Uganda. The training enabled the young refugee youth to track and report posts such as propaganda, fake news and rumors that insights violence to the social media reports to the various social media platforms

By, Abdulrahman Ayub, Arua One fm