Riots in Rhino camp have subsided. Normalcy is near, Police say.

Refugees in a sensitisation session, in Rhino camp, following riots that had broken out early in the day. Picture by Ojok Michael | 24 May 2018

The riots followed delays of food rations for South Sudanese refugees of Omugo in Rhino camp. The rowdy circumstances brought humanitarian agencies’ activities (in the camp) to a stand still. Refugees say they want their food. Also, in a related report:

The Police, who have been engaged in scuffles with the refugees for days, say the protests have subsided – and that the operations of the humanitarian agencies may resume anytime soon. The Uganda police say they have been able to bring the situation under control. Nonetheless the efforts, to restore normalcy, came with heavy consequences.

From the area, in Arua district, Piyic Edna has more: