South Sudan is grappling with refugees from other countries, amid its own internal problems.

These clumsy huts, made of bamboos, are soon going to provide housing to thousands of people. The huts belong to both Internally Displaced Persons and refugees from other countries, living in South Sudan’s former Equatoria State. For weeks, the two groups have been waiting for tarpaulins to finish their shelters. Humanitarian agencies in the area have not been able to help yet. Picture by Oliver Charles | 24 Aug 2018

Did you know even though South Sudan is entangled in its own internal near-humanitarian-catastrophic problems, the war-ravaged-country is a home to thousands of refugees from other neighbours? Many peace deals between the government and rebels have been signed and breached several times, in the past. Nevertheless, some refugees sought safety in the country’s former Western Equatoria State, amidst donor fatigue – sending them off into living in appalling conditions. Oliver Charles is there, and compiled this story.