Torit’s conflict instigated by politicians with selfish interest, Lobong

H.E Louis Lobong Lojore, Governor Eastern Equatoria State speaking at the freedom square in Torit during the celebration of the 10th independence anniversary. Picture by Obale Emmanuel, 09th July 2021.

By: Radio Emmanuel

Eastern Equatoria state plunged into conflict recently when youth in the area took to protest what they referred to as “Unjust Employment Act” against the native monyie-miji (Youth Group) consisting of three counties of Torit, Ikwoto and Lopa. The protest caused unconducive environment for countrymen from other counties within the state including investors.

The protest that attracted the attention of the national security and the state government led to the conviction of four for allegedly assaulting Red Cross staff.

In his speech during the celebration of the country’s Tenth independence anniversary, the representative of the Monyie-miji Mr. Orupi David appealed to the Eastern Equatoria State governor to release those detained.

“Allow me to use this occasion to appeal to your able leadership to draw your attention to the outcry of the youth unemployment in this State.  I appeal to you kindly please to release and pardon our brothers monyie-miji who are under detention as you normally forgive your opponent hon. Governor”. Mr. Orupi said.

“I urge all the monyie-miji not to take laws into their hands for the betterment of this State. I therefore call upon all the youth of EES to remain united for the sake of peaceful coexistence, reconciliation and healing processes in which young people will be the beneficiaries of this great nation” he adds

Governor Lobong who was concerned with the security situation in the state blamed the entire incident of politicians whom according to him are instigated violence for their individual interest.

“Without doubt the rising insecurity in our state is the work of politicians who are driven by their individual interest. Our people are sincerely instigated to cause this current insecurity. If we mean for our people, we must then stop inciting conflict in our state.” Says Governor.

The governor is urging the citizens to embrace the spirit of the peace agreement.

“Let us embrace the spirit of the Revitalized Peace Agreement which touches on inclusiveness, unity and reconciliation. I appeal to all communities in EES to embrace all, protect and join the implementation process of the agreement because this is the only way forward, there is no other alternative to this agreement.” Lobong says.

“We have developed a comprehensive strategy that is aimed at restoring sustainable peace and stability through a development program. We believe that the cases of insecurity or criminality taking place in our state now are partly due to idleness and lack of innovation among the useful population.” the Governor added

H.E Lobong who downplayed youth’s effort to curb employment scandal within Eastern Equatoria believes youth’s effort towards peace can attract investors into the state to create employment opportunities.

“I would like to urge the youths to take the lead in restoring peace in our state and this will pave the way for investors, companies and NGOs to come to our state and hence this will create more employment opportunities for the young people of this state”. The Governor continued

He made the remarks during the 10th anniversary of South Sudan Independence at Freedom Square in Torit on Friday.