What peace?

Guests, mostly South Sudan government officials, prepare to talk to IDPs in Riimenze Camp in Yambio. The guests’ intentions are to persuade thousands of IDPs here to return to their homes. Picture by Oliver Charles | 01 April 2019

Even though a South Sudanese revitalized peace deal was reached and signed by representatives of almost all conflicting groups, insecurity remains at large especially in the Equatorias. Internally Displaced People (IDPs,) who fled their homes, are still languishing in the camps scattered across the country. They say it is not safe yet to return to home.

But the government says otherwise. They argue IDPs need to go back (home) in order to start rebuilding their livelihoods again.

A few representatives of the South Sudan government, in different capacities, visited Riimenze Camp in Yambio to persuade the population to buy their idea (of safety, and the need to return home).

With non-existent support, whatsoever, towards the camps, the IDPs are caught between a hard ground and a rock. Our reporter is in Gbudue state, Yambio, South Sudan.