Smiles, hugs and laughs among rival factions: are they real or they are just for cameras?

On the far left President, Kiir, looks on as Riek Machar takes oath in order to assume his position as First-Vice President in the coalition government. Rival factions agreed to work in harmony, leading the country to polls after three years. Picture by Majur Chol Khor | 22 Feb 2020

At J1 State House in Juba it was all smiles, hugs and laughs. The happiness is believed to usher in a moment of reconciliation among South Sudan rival factions. Deal of formation of a unity government, bringing opposing parties to work in unison, was inked on Saturday last week. In its literal sense, the government has four vice presidents. Another one is yet to be sworn in, bringing the number to five (vice presidents). This new era ends South Sudan’s 6-year civil war, following two failed attempts of forming coalition government in the past. All factions have been accused of rape targeting women, recruiting child soldiers, starving citizens and causing hyperinflation in the country. Judgement awaits the leaders – whether the seemingly happy moments on 22nd of February were real or were just for cameras. In #AcrossSouthSudan Majur Chol Khor brings you commitments president Kiir, made during the event.