The humanitarian aid should never be stolen – officials.

Our own reporter, Abiria May, joins refugees in a dance, in Rhino settlement of South Sudanese refugees, in Northern Uganda. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 12 Jul 2018

Mostly UN agencies running various refugee-related activities in Uganda will receive a donation of 27 billion Uganda shillings to aid their operations. The donation came from the Japanese Government, amid cautionary advice against misuse of such funds. Furthermore, World Bank through International Development Association (IDA) will make some more funds available in the coming days. The funds will be used to support such activities in 2019, 2020 and beyond. In order to cement a-donor-confidence, officials promise the money will be used to do exactly what it is intended for – and that not even a penny will be diverted.

Government officials, in the Office of the Prime Minister, have been mired in scandals of misappropriation of humanitarian funds as well as inflating numbers of refugees for selfish gains. Mega FM compiled this report. Take a listen.