A “final” South Sudan power-sharing and cease-fire agreement signed.

Huts, made of tarpaulin and sticks, like this are used as a shelter for about seven occupants of a South Sudanese family, in Rhino settlement. Over 750,000 entered Uganda - fleeing South Sudan’ violent conflict, since 2013. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 12 Jul 2018

South Sudan government, led by president Salva Kiir, has signed a “final” agreement to end five-year brutal war with its opponents. The agreement reinstates the leader of the main opposition group, Riek Machar, as vice president. Four other vice-presidents  shall be installed; the country’s number of states and their boundaries shall be ascertained, too, during the implementation (of the agreement) period. Details of implementing the deal are not far different from the previous documents that the warring parties have violated repeatedly. There is much skepticism on the success of this “final” agreement. But speaking at the signing of the deal, yesterday, the prime Minister of Ethiopia and chairperson of IGAD, Abiy Ahmed, paints complete opposite picture. Take a listen.