A sudden downpour cause extensive damage to the South Sudan’s Equatorias

Occupants of this hut evacuated, when it started to crumble. Many huts – in the entire region of Equatoria are crumbling – one after the other. Picture by Ikoi Mary | 13 Oct 2020

Recurring downpour has caused extensive damage to property and disrupted business to Torit, Eastern part of South Sudan. The rest of Equatoria is not any different. Huts of predominantly subsistence-farming communities are flooded and crops submerged. Residents who appear helpless fear the worst – they say starvation as well as diseases relating to poor hygiene and health will breakout in the coming days. South Sudan’s rain season starts in April, and ends early December. But seasons have noticeably become severe, supposedly due to climate change. More quantities of rainwater is expected to pound most parts of the country for the rest of this year. Concerned middle–aged Victoria Itiara whose hut was flattened by huge amounts of water made a plea for help, on behalf of her community in Torit, early this week.

Story by Ikoi Mary, Radio Emmanuel