South Sudan’s future from a young woman’s perspective.

A participant explains her point during a workshop session on prejudice and hate speech mitigation for South Sudanese, living in Uganda. The workshop was organised by the Network of South Sudan Civil Society Organisations in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 25 May 2018

Since 2013, South Sudan’s conflict is literally still at large in some parts of the country – and for many hopes is running slim. But an 18-year-old Grace Akon Biar thinks otherwise, in spite of the deteriorating conditions. Upon going through heart wrenching experiences slapped on her by the recent deadly clashes, a South Sudanese student at Natewa high School (in Kenya,) is hopeful peace will come. Akon is from South Sudan’s town of Bor – one of the country’s worst affected areas (by the deadly clashes). Akon together with her family lived in Ming Kaman camp of Internally Displaced Persons for one year, before she got a chance to go to Kenya to continue her education. She claims if no one is ready to start a fruitful long lasting peace initiative, she will. Through Skype she shares her confidence about seeing a peaceful South Sudan, one day. Majur Chol Khor is in Bor town, and brings us this: