Recent South Sudan peace deal is finally bringing hope.

This is Arua Park area, in Kampala, downtown. Mostly both Ugandans and South Sudanese people inhabit the place, operating all kinds of businesses. Cross-border dealings between the two countries happen here, too. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 19 Nov 20108

There is hope following the latest peace deal in South Sudan. Near-five-year recent violent conflict had brought life close to a total stand still, especially in the country – sending masses into enormous starvation, displacements and deaths. As its greatest East African trade partner, Uganda’s foodstuffs-market-monopoly in South Sudan suffered greatly, too. Now there is relative calm in the country (a result of the peace deal,) and cross-border trade seems to increase steadily – and may explode again, if the deal remains. Dibaba John spoke with business people who resumed cross-border trade to hear what their hopes are now, for themselves and for both countries.