CORDAID donates over 700 million shillings for enhanced community Resilience and natural hazard project in Refugee camps.

Caritas staff alongside government officials during the launch of the project on enhanced community resilience and natural hazard. picture by Kevin Vusia, 06th February 2020

caritas Arua diocese has received nearly 797 million from Cordaid as the Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid to carry out enhanced community Resilience to natural Hazards in Refugee and host communities of Odupi sub county at Azapi parish and Imvepi parish in the five villages of Nyaranga, Kido, Amia, Opira and Ediofe to fight key natural hazards like drought and floods.

The project targets 1,650 households who will be trained on how to overcome the hazards. It is due to run for 14 months.

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By Kevin Vusia, Radio Pacis