Coronavirus: Homeschooling leave refugee children out

This is Ocea trading center, in Rhino camp settlement. The refugee settlement is a home to more than 120,000 south Sudanese refugees. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 16 Mar 2020

Out break of COVID-19 has affected economies, social life among others worldwide. Schooling is not spared either. In Uganda, students were asked to stay at home until further notice as the government fights the crisis coronavirus has brought. The Ministry of Education introduced homeschooling. However, the new method of schooling is only for a fraction of students and/or pupils majorly town dwellers. Homeschooling, largely through radio and television, has left out refugee children who live in various refugee camps/settlements. The country’s villages are left out, too. Ronald Lomora is in Rhino camp settlement of South Sudanese people and brings to light the struggles refugee students and/or pupils go through in a bid to continue their education amid COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Take a listen.