Coronavirus: Uganda teachers embrace home based teaching technique

The children’s friendly space allows children to reassemble for after school lesson. Such facilities are also closed due to the recent wave of the corona virus. Picture by Sebit Patrick, 20th May 2020

Three months after schools, churches among other social gathering institutions were shutdown in a bid to prevent the spread of the global pandemic, Uganda was considering the digital technique where learners access their lessons through radios and TVs.

This move has been considered by many Ugandans unworthy on account that it could favour town dwellers while ignoring the village children and refugees with no access to radios and TVs.

However, in Rhino camp settlement of the South Sudanese people, teachers have introduced the home based technique which allow teachers to meet with the learners from their various homes

Dramadri filed this story and has more to tell us. Listen here

By Dramadri, Radio Pacis