ECSSS Bishop calls for support to IDPs.

Over 1,300 IDPs from the Ombasi area of Otogo payam occupying the ECSSS compound in fear of violence in their area. Picture by Hassan Arun Cosmas, 20th April 2021.

By: Esther Natalino, Radio Easter

Recent wave of insecurity involving sporadic shootings in the Otogo Payam of Yei County has left civilians in panic with many others internally displaced in the Central Equatoria province.

More than 1,300 civilians from Ombasi area in Otogo payam of the Yei River County are harboured in the ECSSS compound in Yei seeking asylum following the exchange of mayhem between unidentified militias.

Retired Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan and South Sudan has described the living condition of the IDPs as dire and urging South Sudanese in the diaspora to join hands together in supporting the IDPs in Yei

Bishop Hillary Luate Adeba appealed to the diaspora community in Canada, Australia, Europe and UK to imitate the Kakwa community in the U.S who speedily contributed towards the wellbeing of the IDPs.

Touched by the condition of the IDPs, the Bishop was prompted to form a Humanitarian Aid Intervention committee comprising of the local community to lobby support for the displaced persons.

According to the Bishop, the committee received $5,000 from the Kakwa community in the U.S and nearly 750,000SSP for the welfare of the displaced persons.

South Sudan’s inter-communal fights are commonly described by sporadic shooting between two or more parties in conflict. This however causes panic, puts the lives of citizens in danger and eventually plunge citizens into relocating to safer scenes.

The retired Bishop calls upon the responsible persons to seek redress to the root causes of the conflict such that the IDPs can return back to their havens.