Lockdown and hardship force Refugees into returning home, officers fear it could spread virus

This is Invepi refugee settlement; majorly occupied by refugees from South Sudan. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 17 Jul 2020

by Samson Ganiku, Radio Pacis

Ever since the reinforcement of the lockdown in early June over the resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic, refugees in various settlements in the West Nile region have been struggling to survive. The unruly cut in food aid by the humanitarian agencies also adds to the dilemma.

Some refugees have resorted to moving from one settlement to another with believe things could be better on the other side. However some of the refugees are now opting to return to South Sudan but the West Nile refugee hosting districts fear this unnecessary movement may lead to high coronavirus infections.

Our reporter Samson Ganiku is in Arua and filed for us this story. Listen here.