South Sudan’s Yei-outgoing-UNHCR Head officer disappointed by endless violence.

New Internally Displaced Persons gather to listen to announcements. Their number has surpassed 7000, at a Catholic Church, in South Sudan’s Tombura state. They are seeking safety from attacks by armed groups. Picture by Elario Zambakari | 04 June 2018

According to the UN, this year, World Refugee Day marks a key moment for the public to show support for families forced to flee their homes. The day is marked with celebrations on June 2oth, every year. Now, reports of refugees fleeing South Sudan a result of endless violence have made media headlines. Like the other places in the country, the population of South Sudan’s Yei state has suffered the same unspeakable brutalities forced on them by the recent violent conflict, which broke out in 2013. The population has fled for safety – most of them entering neighbouring Uganda. UNHCR-out-going Chief Officer, Francis Okawgu, has watched the unrests, since he was instated in Yei, 3 years ago. Take a listen to our report: