Plight of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda: Risking it all for food

Swimmers help refugees to cross the flooded River Enyau, charging a fee of up to 5,000 UGX (apporx. 1.4 USD) per person per trip. Picture by Geoffrey Angupale | 09 Sept 2020

Five South Sudanese refugees drowned in River Enyau attempting to cross in order to receive their monthly food rations, according to local authorities. Refugees describe current rainy season as a very trying moment, especially for individuals in both Invepi and Rhino camp settlements. The river crosses the two refugee settlements – that are a home to over one hundred thousand of refugees mainly from South Sudan. The rains are falling hard causing the river to burst its banks, hence making it difficult for some individuals to access vital lifeline items they need. Furthermore, refugees continue to make journeys across the river in hundreds everyday. How? They use any buoyant item they get their hands on. Geoffrey Angupale has the story.