Shrinking communal resources cause conflicts between refugees and their hosts.

Some of Cross Border Network (CBN) reporters, from CBN partner radio stations in both South Sudan and Northern Uganda during a visit to Arua One FM. They are in the broadcasting studios. The tour was an-experience-exchange program amongst CBN partner stations. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 08 May 2019

Even though South Sudanese refugees and their Ugandan hosts are largely living in harmony, conflicts between the two populations do occur sometimes.

A study conducted by a research fellow indicates struggles for diminishing communal resources is the foundation of many conflicts, in refugee-hosting districts. This has prompted some organizations, in the area, to initiate vigorous fight against ‘dividers’ in order to create ‘connectors’ so as to encourage co-existence between the two communities. Radio stations are spearheading the fight. The stations are our own, CBN, partners. Atizoyo Judith compiled the report for us, entirely using a mobile phone. Take a listen.