South Sudan causalities in the making, amid broken agreement

A South Sudanese family head arrives, with his few belongings, at a Catholic Church to seek safety. Some places in Tambura state are deserted, amid clashes between SPLA and rebel groups. Picture by Oliver Charles, in Yambio | 03 July 2018

Upon signing of the Khartoum Declarations of Agreement Between Parties of the Conflict in South Sudan, some areas jubilated. But within hours, a permanent ceasefire agreement was broken. SPLA –(in government) and SPLA – (in Opposition) clashed resulting in scores of deaths and injuries of civilians – in Akobo, Maban and Kajo-keji. Former South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State is not different. Civilians are being uprooted from their homes. The Catholic Church there, especially at both St. Peter and Paul, is registering new arrivals. Most of them are fleeing insecurity that has blanketed Naandi County. Oliver Charles is in Yambio, and has the story: