South Sudan prominent peace activist and economist, Ajak, among those pardoned by president Kiir

Peter Biar Ajak (right) with Kerbino Wol (left) sitting inside courtroom. Kerbino, a businessman, was released during the decree also. Source: Reuters

The president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, pardoned 31 prisoners including prominent peace activist and economist, Peter Biar Ajak. Peter was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for disturbing the peace after he (Peter) gave interviews to media, according to the judgment that was passed on him. Media; mostly foreign, asked him about his arrest for treason charges he had been subjected to. Treason charges were later dropped.

Many inmates’ cases are not investigated. As a result some inmates have stayed remanded in custody for years.

Prisons in South Sudan are dirty, smelly and congested with hardly any food, water and electricity for prisoners. Many fall sick as a result. Unlucky ones die due to poor health services. In #AcrossSouthSudan, we bring you Ajak. On his release from the ordeal of prison, he is going to give his health utmost attention. His health deteriorated while in jail he told reporters. All in all he is thankful for being free again he added. Take a listen;

Source: CRN