South Sudan’s Yambio main hospital turns into a death trap.

Out Patient Department of Yambio State Hospital. The hospital is the biggest and oldest of all, in the area. Picture by Oliver Charles | 14 May 2018

You are likely to die if you fall sick, in South Sudan’s Gbuudue state especially if you need to undergo blood transfusion. The state Hospital, has confirmed a total of twelve people lost their lives from blood deficiency, since January to-date. They believe many other unrecorded deaths happen in smaller health centers across the State. The hospital attributes the mortalities to the fact that health facilities are poorly equipped. For instances, there is non-existent blood bank, in the whole State. The Director of Yambio State Hospital, Dr. Kinawo Richard says Pregnant women as well as children face high risks.

Oliver Charles is in the state, and compiled this for us: