‘Where is home? A refugee singer expresses anxiety over war ravaged Nation.

Refugee Artist Jaiksana Soro ventures into music File photo

By Alison Lemeri, Freelancer

Globally, 26.4 million People are refugees, according to the UN refugee Agency, UNHCR. Day and night, persistent flames of war continue to abate decades of mass exodus which further complicate and catastrophe the humanitarian situations.

Following the unpromising process of implementation of the R-ARCISS, too much anxiety is painted in the face of every citizen whose mega dream is to seek lusting peace. Those living in the refugee camps equally see no hope in peace return into South Sudan. These and many other unbecoming episodes including inter-tribal fights is a clear signal “Home is not what it’s meant to be.”

Jaiksana Soro, a renown South Sudanese artiste based in Uganda’s refugee settlement put it in a song “where is home?” to express his deeper sympathy for his beloved Country and the devastating refugees fate across the globe. His song highlights the inner life of Refugees.

Alison Lemeri covered for us this story and has more to say. Listen here.