Woodland in the Northern Uganda is endangered.

Truck like this one, even larger trucks, carrying wood products out of Northern Uganda are a common sight. The woodland is under destruction. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 30 Nov 2019

As schoolchildren in some European countries take to the streets to protest for more to be done against climate change – an initiative started by a teenager, Swede Greta Thunberg, a Ugandan environment conservation pressure group is gaining momentum in their fight against ‘enemies of environment’.

The pressure group known as Friends of Zoka joined by local population took matters into their own hands to save the remaining trees, after realizing forests in the Northern Uganda are disappearing at an alarming rate. They say they cannot sit and watch widespread environmental degradation happening right before their own eyes. They blame their own leaders, especially those holding political offices for being ‘enemies of environment.’ Public “naming and shaming” is part of the ways they are dealing with the “untouchable” officers. Michael Ojok is in the Northern Uganda, for us, and brings this report.