A struggle to boost food security in Bidibidi refugee settlement

This is an items distribution center, in Bidibidi settlement of South Sudanese refugees. The settlement is home to over 270,000 individuals. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 05 Feb 2019

Some refugees and members of refugees-host community of Uganda’s largest refugee settlement, Bidibidi, are supported to produce their own food. UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, in partnership with OPM, the government department dealing with the matters of refugees and asylum seekers plus Red Cross have distributed seeds of vegetables and cereals plus cassava cuttings to individuals in the two communities that live side-by-side. The agencies distributed farm tools, too.

Experts believe this approach will ensure elimination of the rampant food scarcity, in the area. Our reporter, Malish Martin, is in Yumbe district, and started by asking the district’s Agriculture Officer, Oringa Henry, to mention words the recipients of such farm items need to hear.