Covid19: cases rise among refugees

Refugees adhering to the SOPs regulated to curb the spread of the Coronavirus after crossing to trade in other districts. Picture by Ochan Hannington, 20th March 2020

The presidential order that came into effect since June 07th banned inter district movement for individuals and all forms of transportation. However, the recent reduction in food ration pushes scores of refugees into laboring to supplement their budget in such a peculiar situation.

In Palorinya settlement, the refugees use porous borders to access other districts to work for money. Unfortunately most of them report to the health facilities with weaknesses that turned out to be covid19 after being tested. Local task forces in the district together with partners have taken to create awareness on the virus as 7 of the refugees tested turned positive.

Kennedy Inyakuni filed for us this story. Take a listen.

Radio Pacis